Driver Classification

Drivers in our series are either classified as ‘elite’ or ‘not elite’.
As per our series articles, found here, an elite driver is:

‘Elite-Level Driver’ means a driver whose performances or achievements is considered by The Club, at their sole discretion, to be a highly skilled racing driver. Each driver’s status will be reviewed prior to the commencement of each Series;

The classification is important in regards to the following rules:
1. Elite-Level drivers are prohibited from competing in either one hour Series.
2. (a) Only one(1) Elite-Level driver is permitted per Driving Team at each Round of the three hour Series, and
(b) No Elite Level Driver may compete in any of the following Vehicles:
• Braham BT62

See below the current SIERDC driver classification criteria

See below our current 2022 classification list.

**Please note this list is not exhaustive and simply includes drivers recently competing in our series or requested to be classified as a potential co-driver.